Illustration Credits: Cocciolato e ciarcofi


We are all now just lost souls navigating through the world, trying to make sense of all that surrounds us.

Lost as we are in the constant strangeness of this life, we zone out in traffic jams, staring at the skies and wondering if we have a place up there, only to be woken up rudely by honks and responsibilities that rush us to places we don’t really belong to.

And again, and again we live the same days, the same nights.

Our only salvation are books and stars, and a little voice that whispers that we are more.

And one day, one day, that voice that is so habitually drowned out by the sounds of car engines, faxes and coffee machines will no longer stand to be ignored.

One day, that voice will wake you up as you try to get your 8 hours of sleep for that presentation you need to make on something you don’t really care about.

And it will whisper the maddest, most delirious thing to you:

“Get out of bed, no need to change.
   I know it’s one in the morning and it may seem strange,
   but God, you need to go out
   and look at the stars tonight.
   It’s nothing you’ve never seen before,
   but by all that is holy, this will shake you to the core.”

And somehow, the moon will gaze down at you as your footsteps echo in dimly-lit alleyways that lead you to the place you need to be. Somehow, it’ll feel like the milky way has opened up for you, and the Universe has finally welcomed you back to where you belong, back to where it all began:

Again, you will be a child lost in the wonderful strangeness of this world, giggling at the way the grass tickles your sides when you lie down on it, staring at the sky, wondering what beautifully odd shape the cloud will take next.

And that is when you recognise the small voice that would sometimes speak to you. That is when you realise why all along it sounded so familiar, like a distant sound from a past you could never really remember.

Do not let it come to that.

Do not cast away the child you used to be, the child who used to love colours and dress in fashions the adult world would frown upon. To lose the child in you is to sever a part of your soul and sacrifice it forever to the darkness of this world.

Bring softness and giggles and out-of-control laughter to this world. Let the child you used to be live on to see their dreams light up the world when they become true.


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