“You think you are not beautiful,” he said, his voice but a caress lost in the breeze.

“You think…You say your eyes aren’t beautiful because they aren’t doe-like, because their colour is ‘dull’. But that’s not what makes eyes beautiful.” he said.

“What makes eyes beautiful is the ability to see good in people, the ability to see a dream instead of a dead-end. What makes eyes beautiful is everything but the way they look. It is when you look at me, and see me as more than everyone else believes me to be. It is when you have compassion and love and kindness in them that they are beautiful.”

“It’s no wonder you thought you weren’t beautiful,” he chided, “You’ve been looking at beauty with all the wrong eyes.”

And, as if to further make his point, he added:

“You are beautiful for what you are,not for what you appear to be.”

(Illustration Credit: Hélène Delmaire Art)

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