Illustration by: Lucy Salgado Illustration

But then, something happens that changes the way you feel.
Something happens that “undooms” you,
that lifts the curse of your loneliness.

You might think it is Love,
but there are more ways to lift a curse,
than by simply receiving a kiss.
It is in the smaller, less finite things.
It is in waking up one day,
and reveling in the warm glow of the sun on your cheeks.
It is being given a kind smile
by a stranger you will never see again.
It is in the ability to see just how beautiful it is that you’re alive.

But it is also in knowing that the black hole will resurface,
and being at peace with it.

You are the Universe,
and so, black holes are bound to exist within you.
But never let the black holes distract you
from every other beautiful thing that you are.
Because you are the Universe, and so,
you are all the stars and moons and constellations too.


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